Medical Coverage for Cranial Prosthesis


Getting insurance coverage for a cranial prosthesis can vary depending on your insurance plan and company. Some plans cover it, while others don't. So, it's a good idea to carefully check your insurance policy and talk to your insurance company to see if you're covered.

If your insurance does cover it, there are usually some rules you need to follow. You'll typically need a doctor's prescription that says you really need a cranial prosthesis because of your hair loss. Sometimes, you might also need to meet certain criteria, like having lost all your hair due to a medical issue or treatment.

Here are the steps to get it:

Get a Prescription from Your Doctor: First, ask your doctor to write a prescription saying you need a cranial prosthesis because of your hair loss.

Get Itemized Invoice: After purchasing your customized human hair wig, request an itemized invoice from our office at The Wig Fairy.

Send a Claim to Your Insurance Company: With the prescription and invoice in hand, you can send a claim to your insurance company. Make sure you include all the needed info and documents, like the prescription, invoice, and anything else your insurance company asks for. (Reimbursement amount may vary depending on your insurance plan and coverage)

Wait for Approval: After sending your claim, you'll have to wait for your insurance company to review it. How long this takes can depend on your insurance company and policy. 

In a nutshell, getting coverage for a cranial prosthesis involves getting a doctor's prescription, dealing with a specialist, getting an invoice, sending a claim to your insurance, waiting for approval and receive your reimbursement. It's really important to go through your insurance policy carefully and keep in touch with your insurance company to understand what's covered and what you need to do.